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Fall is officially here and the changing of leaves usually comes with a change in something else: people's diets. They tend to have more sweet treats added to their diets. Between Halloween candy, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie and more, the increase in sugar puts extra stress on the pancreas and nervous system. Excess sugar is known to cause an increase in systemic inflammation as well as lower the functioning of white blood cells. In addition, diabetics require more insulin with sweet treats and many pre-diabetic and non-diabetic people feel a "crash" after consuming too much sugar. To help with the sugar handling of the season, Standard Process Diaplex helps to address blood sugar handling issues. In addition to Diaplex, MediHerb Gymnema helps balance blood sugar, reduces cravings for sweets, and helps with hypoglycemia as well. Taking both concurrently will help with overall sugar craving and handling issues.

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